For exceptional studies on dyadic conversations.

What is psychological nearness, authenticity, social breathing and intersubjectivity? What makes a difference in online meetings? Nuna is a machine built for real online conversations with natural eye-contact, uncompromisingly designed for important conversations in clinical work, business or private communication. Now with the added r for Research. Combine with hyperscanning and other measures and the possibilities are astonishing.

Intuitive control

Test your settings live, using the easy-to-use virtual knobs, make it a patch, then design the time flow with your patches. A workflow commonly used in making music and video.

Informed consent for real

A light panel which informs if NUNAr records video without disturbing the natural conversation, and a participant can choose to delete recorded data without the knowledge of the reseracher.

A Self-propelling research machine

Set up two NUNAr and let them do what you planned with variables changing over time. Let them instruct participants and administrate your questionnaires, or ask participants using your prerecorded video clips and let the participant answer naturally with their own words.

Involve yourself in in real time

Let them take break in the conversation, and make your interview, all recorded by the NUNAr.

Gather all your data in one place

Record video, audio and applicable extensions, automatically sorting it together with your settings and patches for future analyses.

Get the NUNAr you need

Being on the rapidly developing scientific scene, NUNAr continuously incorporates new feature, both in hardware connectivity and software. As we built it from the bottom, software can be redesigned for your needs for inclusive accessibility and scientific curiosity.