Software for close real-life conversations. An interface developed uncompromisingly based on contemporary science about the processes behind the human ability for shared consciousness and intersubjectivity.

Gaining trust in the other

When the other is looking at the screen, your display shows you if the person has something more on the screen than you, just as in real life.

From the inside and out

As default, you cannot see yourself. But by holding a button you see the self-image, and the other will know it, just as in real life.

Full focus on the other

The image is clear from almost all menus and buttons, and those who are there will be in focus on command, allowing you to fully focus on the other, just as in real life.

Trust your equipment

Receive dynamic, intuitive and non-intrusive based on science of thresholds in time-lag, and quality of sound, visuals and connectivity. Not only when something’s wrong. Get to know your output, easy, just as you use your hearing in real life.