Present focus is on multi-brain networks, the social brain and developing solutions for research and quality conversations based on its implications on how technological conditions influence psychological nearness and working alliance in video communication.

My reserach is on the process of intersubjectivity, implicit shared intentionality, systemic processes and its evolutionary and biological underpinning including its meaning both on individual and dyad/group level. But most of all, how may this relation and its processes ge studied? And what theory is valid? As a way forward we introduce the concept of Social Breathing as a term for ”the ability to engage and maintain the interactive psychological weave”. This concept in line with the paradigm shift from synchrony to temporal dynamics, from individual to dyadic, from cognitivism/ToM to embodiment/enactment, from the observing brain to second person neuroscience, a shift that reflects the present changes in technical and methodological development and crosstheoretical endevours.

This topic is really challing, for theoretically, methodogically and personal professional reasons. But I find that cross-scientific collaborations as well as in-depth within-subject work to working well. Including performance art, experiments, phenomenological anaysis, clinical experience, evolution theory and different psychologies on identity, autism, groups, families, systems, social neuroscience. Stepping in and out of both positivism, reductionism, constructionism and phenomenology.

My research is perhaps best found here